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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This tutorial was written on January 4, 2012 by Val aka LostAngel Graphics. The concept of the tag is mine and mine alone. Any resemblance to any other tag/tut is pure coincidence. This was written for those with working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
++Paint Shop Pro (I used 12 but any version should work)

++Soo Hot Template by Simply Tami Designs which can be found

++ 6 to 12 Tubes of choice or the one’s I used. I used the work of Keith Garvey which you can be found
Note you must have a valid license in order to use his work.

++Font of choice.
++Fire Graphic of choice.
Don’t forget to save as you go.

Let’s get Started!
Open Soo Hot Template in psp. Duplicate by hitting Shift D. Close the original template.
Remove the copyright layer.
Click on your backround layer.
Copy and paste tube where you would like it.
Repeat until you have the entire background filled.
Go to your first tube layer and merge down to your next tube layer. Repeat this until you have all your tubes on one layer.
Duplicate tube layer.
On the original tube layer change Blend mode to Luminance Legacy.
On your duplicated tube layer lower opacity to about 40.
Go to word art layer. Make sure it is highlighted.
Here’s where it might get tricky.
You are going to put you’re a face in each of the letters. 
Copy and paste tube face over the letter “S” , repeat this for each letter.
Go back to the wordart layer, make sure it is highlighted.
With the magic wand select the letter “s”
Go to Selections, Invert, go to the first tube hit the delete. 
Select None.
Repeat this step for each of the letters.
Go to the wave layer, using the magic wand click inside the wave.
Go to Selections, Modify, Contract by 4.
Add new raster layer.
Select your Clone Brush.
Open up your flame graphic in psp.
With your clone brush fill in the wave with the flames.
Select none.
Go to Copy of Wave and repeat the same step as above adding flames.
Select the frame layer.
Using magic wand select inside of frame. Select float, new raster.
Using clone brush add your flame all around the frame.
Select none.
Add inner bevel with the same settings.

Add your correct copyright.
Add your name and you’re done.


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