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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to my first Tutorial!!!!!!

This tutorial was written on November 20, 2011 by Val aka LostAngel Graphics. The concept of the tag is mine and mine alone. Any resemblance to any other tag/tut is pure coincidence. This was written for those with working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
++Paint Shop Pro (I used 12 but any version should work)
++Jasc Animation Shop

++Scrap kit by Naughty Angel Creations called Frosted Pink Christmas which is PTU and can be found

++Mask of Choice or the WSL_Mask 341 that can be found

++ Tubes of choice or the one I used. I used the work of Keith Garvey which you can be found@ PTE  HERE Note you must have a valid license in order to use his work.

++Font of choice

++Plugins needed Vanderlee SnowFlake and Mura Meister Copies


Let’s get Started!

Open a new image 600 x 600 (you can resize it later if you would like), transparent background.
Open paper 3 in psp. Go to Image, Resize then go to change from percent to pixels and resize it to 600 x 600. Make sure all layers are checked.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Open WSL_Mask 341 or a mask of choice.
Go to Layers, New Mask Layer and select the mask of choice, makes sure source luminance is checked and invert mask data is unchecked. Hit ok.
Merge group and lighted mask to about 80.
Open Fr2 in psp. Copy and add as a new layer
With your wand select the inside of your frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 3.
Open paper 5 and repeat the steps to resize it to 600 x 600 copy and add as a new layer.
Click on your frame and go to Selections, Invert, go back to paper and hit the delete to remove the excess paper from frame. Move paper below frame.
Click on the frame again and while it is still select click on your text tool and select a font (I used Brushed Script but you may want to you something else) change the foreground and background color to #e18ed0. Type out MERRY CHRISTAS. Convert to raster. Go to your plugins, select Mura Meister, Copies and use the follow settings
Number  1 
Shift X 50
Shift Y 50
Angel 0
Rotation 0
Attenuation 0
Scale  100
Hit ok
Click back on your frame selections invert go back to wording and hit delete, select none.
Lower the opacity of this layer to 65
Add your tube of choice and bring it below the frame layer. Resize if you need to.
Open ele 34 in psp and copy and paste as a new layer below your tube layer.
Open ele57 in psp, copy and paste as a new layer  resize to 50 percent then resize again to 70 percent. Place above frame layer to the left.
Open ele 24 in psp resize to 30 or 40 percent copy and paste as a new layer to the right of frame.
Open ele 19 resize to 50 percent copy and place behind the train.
Add a drop shadow of your choice to all elements except mask and paper behind frame.
Click on the tree layer within the frame and add a new raster 4.  
Go back to your frame layer and using your wand select the inside of frame.
Click on your first new raster, go to Plugins Vanderlee Snowflake use these settings
Amount 250
Minimum Size 1
Maximum Size 12
Hardness 100
Transparency 0
Snow Color Basic Snow
Random Seed 20
Click ok
Click on your next blank new raster; Choose your Vanderlee Snowflake keep settings the same except for Random Seed change it to 30
Do this for the next 2 rasters changing the Random Seed to 40 and 50
Click selections and select none.
Label each of the snow layers Snow 1, Snow 2, Snow 3, and Snow 4. Hide snow layers 2, 3, and 4.
Open ele 14 in psp resize it 50 percent and then by 80 percent copy and paste as a new layer above frame layer.
Add your correct copyright.
Add your name
Time To Animate!
Open Animation
Go back into psp, copy merged and paste as new animation
Back in psp close off snow layer 1 and open snow layer 2 copy merged and paste after current frame. Continue this with snow layers 3 and 4
Now you have 4 frames in animation
Select all, frame properties change to 20
Save as gif file and you’re done.

Thank you for trying my first tutorial

Much Love and Happiness
LostAngel Graphics


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